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Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I’ve learn from this Critical Literacy subject?

Your opinion my dear; nothing in this subject is right or wrong ;)
What I want to say about this subject is.. it is very complex and critical in using our mind to think about an issue or subject. However, this subject is the only subject that I’ve ever learnt that does not need any true or false statement, what we only have to do is burst out our opinion and relate it to the issue or subject. It is very fun as we can see things from our point of view without worrying ‘am I right?’ and ‘am I wrong?’..

Being critical is to think wisely;not to be bias ;)
In this Critical Literacy also I’ve learnt to make some researches before doing any assumption. For example like we’ve learnt before is about Dr. Mahathir, all we know is Dr. Mahathir is a very respected person but through this subject, I’ve learn that he is actually not. Doing research is one of this subject’s foods. It has also changed my view towards everything in this world. I’m not very politic type of person but by this subject, I’ve learnt that you don’t need to be a politician just to know what the politician wrongdoing and what they’ve done to being respect. My lecturer once said “if you are being bias towards the issue or subject, it means that you are still not thinking critically.”

Do not afraid to voice out your point ;)
Well, I must say that this subject had increased my confident level in voicing out my opinion about anything and not afraid to be wrong as everyone should learn from their mistakes. It has also increased my curiosity about any issue, subject, people and even some incident. For example, I’ve learnt about who Hitler really is, I’ve learnt what is the hidden agenda behind the bombing of WTC, I’ve learn also the difference between ‘Casanova and Romantic’ and many more. I’m not afraid anymore to say this person or that person is bad or good as long as I’ve the evidence to say it. All you have to do is done some researches and be confident. There! You’ll win!

Great debate ;)
It’s very good to have debate with your friends. Standing on each other point and wait to see whose opinion will win. Unfortunately, that will not happen, Sir Aliff, my lecturer, will only smile ;) ... HAHA. But... that is the FUN beneath it!

All I want to say is, it’s good to learn this subject, I really like it, it’s challenging, critical and literacy. Nice to having class with you guys and learning with our very sporting and energetic lecturer SIR ALIFF IBRAHIM ABDUL RAZAK ! ;)

Toddles ! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

                  THE SANCTUM
                Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Alister Grierson
               Written By: Andrew Wight, John Garvin

 Richard Roxburg   (Frank McGuire)
 Rhys Wakefield     (Josh McGuire)
 Ioan Gruffudd       (Carl Hurl)
Alice Parkinson      (Victoria)
 Daniel Wyllie        (Crazy George)

A team of underwater cave divers were on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and they are the first team to go in there. Everything seems great before the storms arrived and they are stuck in the cavern. In order to survived, they had to fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. As the path to the surface is cut off in the flash flood, they need another way out to escape from the disaster which makes them questioning: Can they survive or will they be trapped forever? To answer this question, they need to move on although many obstacles hitting them. With the limited sources of oxygen and the love of a father towards his son, finally Josh survived from the disaster alone.  

This movie convey the real meaning of sacrifice for your loves one and love between the father and son. In order to survived, they had to do everything including sacrifice their own life to make sure the rest survived as what had being done by George who knows that he will not make it so he escape from them and left the rest with his oxygen for them to use it.
In this movie also it shows that when we were in a panic situation, we had to followed the professional's advice whether we like it or not as they knows better. Besides, panic and grudge does not help to solve anything like as what Carl's did when he is finally becomes violent and do something stupid by trying to kill Frank but turns out to be dead in the end because of his selfishness.
Despite of all the trailer involves in this movie, loves also being present. Frank never tells Josh that he loves him but he do anything just to make sure his only one son survived which automatically reflects the deepness of his loves towards his son.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guilty things that give me pleasure

When talk about guilty things, a ton of list would be prepared by everyone. If I have the chances to do those guilty things just to satisfied myself, it would be a disaster but definitely relieving!


Well, one of them is I really eager to break off someone face, punch their eyes, and stab their heart using a very thin long knife to make them suffered the pain of betrayal as what they did to me. I always wish for that! It might sound cruel or evil or satanic or whatsoever but ... it is the fact so why should I care. Besides, I can only imagine it but not allowed to do it unless it is not considered as a crime.


Proceed to the other one is I really wish to be a musician. It might sound okay to certain people but in my life, it is not. I was a musician but in a military marching band, it is cool which I can learn all the basic but I want more! I want to be in a band, to be able to scream, be who I am, I love art especially singing and teaser but no one seems to understand my interest especially my family.


There is nothing much I can say about this. All I want in my life is my own life, my own freedom, my own decision, and my own instruction. For God sake, I really do not really like to be with my family. It is not that I hated them but they just do not understand what I need from them. I need freedom. Not controlling my life all the time. I want to be treated as adult not like a little princess who never grown up. I am not that girl anymore. I want to be away from my family! That is my confession . How about yours? =)

Monday, March 14, 2011

THE BLINDSIDE - 'dont worry, ive got your back'

Directed by: John Lee Hancock
Writer: John Lee Hancock and Michael Lewis Less
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Drama,sports & fitness,Comedy (PG-13) 

 Starring by :
Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Touhy)
Quinton Aaron (Michael Oher)
Tim McGraw (Sean Touhy)
 Lily Collins (Collins Touhy)
Jae Head (S.J Touhy)
Ray Mckinnon (Coaches Cotton

'The blindside' is a movie depicts a remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African- American youngster who came from a broken family and live everywhere he thinks warm. However, everything change in a night when he met with the Touhys, a well-to-do white family. This family helps him to fulfill his potential which is to becoming the great football player but at the same time Oher's presence leads them to see some insightful self-discoveries of their own (their blindside). Living in a new world had expose him to many different challenges to overcome. In order to help him have a better life, the Touhys put all their effort in making him feel like home. Giving everything they could even though they dont even know him at first and takes all the risk as they believe in him. Here some trailer from the movie.

This movie reveals the right attitude a human being should be. As a human we should be able to help others no matter what their status or background. If there is anyone like the Touhys out there nowadays, it would be only one in a thousand. Why? Well, can you believe in the outsiders and one more is what if they are from the other race? If you can, why there are still a ton of orphans out there waiting to be adopt? Is it a prove that we are 'kind'? Like a goes saying, 'pat your self and ask your taste'. This movie shows that despite of their race, they still willing to adopted the stranger. It calls 'HUMANITY' which not everyone dare to have. If they do it for their Christianity, why dont we do it for our Islamic values? I supposed that all religious adapt the same values to their followers. There is nothing to be ashamed of when we are helping people. If we want to talk about race, why we should be so racism? We stand on the same earth, we breath in the same air, we bath using the same water sources and we eat what others eat. It all the same and I dont see any tiny reason that we should practice the racism thing. If it just about the standard, then, you should be living in the cave as now is the 21th century and no one should have that shallow minded. It is actually a shame to have such attitude. So, start using your intelligent and not your hatred.

(clip video of 'open your eyes')

There are 24 soundtrack for 'The Blindside' but the theme song that i choose is the 'Open Your Eyes' by Snow Patrol. This song title is quoted by Michael Oher. This song using the third person point of view shows how Michael suffered but he always believe that no matter how cruel the world to you, it will still be okay somehow maybe not today but it will tomorrow.

"Open Your Eyes" (Snow Patrol)

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you
My bones ache, my skin feels cold
And I'm getting so tired and so old

The anger swells in my guts
And I won't feel these slices and cuts
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x4]

Get up, get out, get away from these liars
'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire
Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time

Every minute from this minute now
We can do what we like anywhere
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x8]

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you 

Friday, February 25, 2011

- LOVE is the VOICE under all SILENCES -

Love? Is it just a word or perhaps a feeling of into someone or maybe it is the feeling of lust or a feeling of you cannot live without that particular person? How can we decide the true colours of love? What is the metaphor behind the word ‘LOVE’?
Love .... is something that cannot be explain by words even with the sweetest words from all over the world ever. The meaning could never be describe by anyone because it is a feeling which no one can tell but perhaps someone who is truly in love can tells it. However, things that they said are just not enough to describe the meaning of love. The word ‘love’ is the greatest metaphor in order to describe a feeling.
Love is the voice under all silences” is a quote taken to prove how a love can affect our heart even in silences. In this quote we can tells that love doesn’t need sweetest words, doesn’t need lovely compliments, doesn’t need heart melted songs, doesn’t needs a beautiful nickname and moreover just to tells how much you are in love with someone.
Always believe in action speaks louder than word because in love all that we need is only the right thing to do to prove your love more than the right words to say. A love is express through the non verbal communication between the partners. A gentle touch such as a kiss, a smooth touch on the face, holdings hands, a sincere smile, an honest stare in the eyes and a deep hug can easily transmit the feeling of love to grow fonder. Words are only the medium used to take our partner's heart and to make our partners believe in our love but... remind in yourself that without actions, no love would be proven as it is more powerful than you would ever thought.
Lets take an example of a deaf and mute couple got married. How they transmit their love? Their love transmitted through actions. Only simple sincere and honest touch can make someone truly fall in love with you. Love is something that very precious in our very life. Love can make people do crazy things.
Some boys can easily take girl’s heart by saying those sweet words, but do their relationships last for a long time? Definitely not. Why? This is because all that they give is only words but not the true love. Words can be created but things that we do for the one that we love can be done unconsciously. That is why sometimes we heard a boy who are truly in love can easily do something crazy in front of other people just to show how much they love the girls for example like grab the girl’s hand and kiss her or propose her in front of other thousand people without any shame because they want to show to the world how much they love the girl. If a guy only says ' i love u' to a girl every single day through phone but in real world he is holding and kiss other girl's hand. How can this be a love? It is nothing. We can see from here that actions can only prove the love and not by any words.
We usually heard how a girl love her boy so much that she is willing to let him go and find happiness with other girl he is in love with. Her action may hurt her so much but what she is trying to do here is she was tried to show how much she love him. Maybe it was not spoken neither tells but the things that she do can easily prove the deepness of her love towards the boy. He might not realize it but one day he will and he will regret for letting her go for someone else.
Letters to Juliet’ is a love movie about a lady who has been waiting to be with her love one for almost 50 years. In this movie also show how loves doesn’t need words to be remembered. The lady only remembered the man’s smell, the man’s smile, the way he act and the way he look at her eyes. Which proved here that words can be forgotten easily but if you are in love with someone, you will remember everything about them without any words to be remembered. That is how a love is the voice under all silences means. It might sound silly or ridiculous but once you are in love, only you can make the difference.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

music? what does it means?

First of all, what is music? In my opinion, music is the combination of a regular beat, harmony, and scales. To produce this we need equipments with different sounds produce. Some says that music is the song that people is singing especially the musicians but the fact is everything with the combination of the three basics are the music and even someone knocking the pen on the table with rhythm plus with the sound of knocking of spoon with glass also called as a music and all it needs is harmony with each sounds. It maybe true that to make a music, we need a vocal but the thing is vocal or emotional speech is only the addition to the music which is produced the definition of 'music' nowadays.

Every song is a music no matter how the singer or the player present it.

Metal- this type of genre where the singer screams plus sing and mostly known as harsh and emo songs. For example like the song Tear Dont Fall by Bullet for My Valentines. This song is telling about a  man who had cheat on her girlfriend and he cannot bear to see her girlfriend's cries if she knows his bad side but at the same time he do not know what to do. This song had a very good combination of its guitar, drums and everything which makes it a good song addition with its emotionally speech. The music produced a good combination with the way the singer sings. 


Hip hop - This kind of genre is mostly about the singer rapping but the combination of the musics is differ from the metal as usually this genre are likely to used more techno music equipments. For example, the song from Nicole Schezinger feat with T.I - Whatever You Like . This type of genre usually has less meanings and emotionless as it suitable used in a party or club.

Country, ballad, jazz - These kind of genre is relaxing and meaningful. The meaning can easily be transfer as each of its sentence contain a lots of meaning and easily affect our emotions. Many people loves these kind of genre because it release stress. For example the song Back To December by Taylor Swift. This song is the combination of country and ballad and this song telling a story about how she apologize for leaving her boy before and now she regret it but nothing can change anything as the time had already gone. It is a very meaningful song and create a very sad emotion to the audience.

Bollywood - a genre which from hindustan or tamil movie using their languages. This genre is a very soft and happy but sometimes very sad according to the songs. Although the language is differ but the music tells everything more than you need. By the collaboration of the music and instruments, the massage was transfered perfectly. For example in the movie Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham - Bole Chudiyaan song. This song tells on a girl had fall in love with a boy and hope the boy trying to take an action. 

National song - How about this type of song? This song is differ in every culture, state, and country. This song usually created to tells about a certain place or culture specialties. This kind of song maybe sometimes too slow or too certain people it is annoying but accept it. This type of song reflects our tradition, our culture, our nationality and our pride so if this type of song are being ignored, it shows that people nowadays do not even care about their own pride. For example a Kedah's song title Seloka Kedah sings by Zainal Hitam. This song reflects of what Kedah's people special at and also the specialities of places in Kedah.

After all the genre that have been told above, how about this type of music ? A song without a singer, a song using only equipments, a song using only a combination of songs. Is it a music? Yes, it is a music which a very basically music. This type of music express the meaning through how the music was arrange and this type of song is very powerful for me although not widely adore. 

Lastly, the conclusion is music occupy every space in our very life and anyone or anything can make music but music without the three most importance element is not a music. Everyone can choose the way they want to present the musics but music is all the same thing. It is only depends on how individual takes it, feel it and appreciate it. For me, the best musics ever is the hip hop and ballads genre because they relaxing me. when i hear those, they makes me calm despite of their meaning which is only certain people could understand it. Hip hop for me brings out the sexiness and feels of confidence in someone while ballads comfort people when they need some motivation or support the moods of the audience. Besides, these genre not too heavy and not too simple which hard for people to say it is boring. But, as i said before, its up to the individuals to select their types of genre.

Monday, January 17, 2011

its me..!

                                                      im crazy most of the time

                                                    and i can be literally emo...